The power of email is its flexibility. After all, it is a universal business tool that allows communication within organisations and between them. The ability to send large amounts of data in any format as an attachment or in free text gives it its strength, but this ability also brings significant threats. It requires your team to have knowledge of what they can and cannot send, the discipline to follow those policies, and the discernment to identify phishing attempts and not to make a mistake.

Even well-meaning mistakes can be catastrophic for businesses, with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO) advising that 25% of all non cyber-related breaches are related to email being sent to the wrong recipient or the incorrect use of BCC. Our email security and encryption service allows you to encrypt emails, retract them from a receiver, and block the download of attachments. Machine learning also allows strange email traffic to be blocked or incorrect users being barred when sending an email.

We have chosen to partner with Egress to bring you the market leading email data prevention loss solution. The contextual machine learning in Egress Prevent stops human error on email. It quickly learns whether data is suitable for a recipient and can either query the user or park the email for approval depending on business requirements. Egress has created a discovery tool to allow you to understand your current risks – and it’s free! We connect that to your existing mail infrastructure, run it for a period of time to monitor behaviours and it will analyse email traffic and highlight potentially-risky activities. This enables you to make an informed decision about whether you should address the risk or not. Additionally, Egress offers end-to-end encryption, large file sharing and a wealth of other features, some of which are used by the ICO themselves.

If you would like to discuss the discovery tool with us, get in touch.

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