We provide a continued automated vulnerability scan on an organisation’s network to assess known vulnerabilities and monitor network change risks. And we can add to this a human Pen Test monthly to brute-force-attack the network. The result is a dedicated monthly report which details any vulnerabilities identified, and which offers remediation advice.

Penetration Testing

Penetration (or Pen) Testing is the primary method for seeking reassurance that a hacker cannot use their skills to obtain your valuable data. Pen Testing uses automated tools and manual testing in an attempt to exploit vulnerabilities to determine whether malicious activity is possible via weaknesses in the system. Pen Testing is designed to achieve a specific goal and is generally requested by customers who have already reached a desired security level, and who wish to discover if the defences in place are sufficient. We provide three main services.

  • Automated penetration testing using an appropriate selection of tools
  • Human interactive testing
  • Social Engineering to test staff’s ability to resist phishing tests.

Vulnerability Testing

Whether you’re planning to achieve Cyber Essentials or not, regular internal security scanning can help to massively reduce attack vectors and to detect new threats brought about by planned or unplanned change. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) uses a variety of automated tools to discover vulnerabilities that are present on a system, and it alerts you to existing concerns within the infrastructure or web applications, plus where they’re located. A VA is generally designed for clients who are aware that their security posture is not yet solidified and that they need help in identifying and prioritising weaknesses in order to direct their effort most efficiently. Rather than a one-off, point-in-time scan, we provide monthly reports detailing how an environment has changed, or highlighting new threats that have been identified.

Vulnerability Scanning

We provide a tool to identify risks in your assets and offer remediation advice. This also includes phishing simulation.

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